My Story

I have been in the media world for over 15 years and in that time gained a wealth of experience in sharing entertaining and intriguing stories. My level of connecting and making people feel safe amazed me over the years as I discovered that I had an impact that changed the way people think and act through messages from fans, some literally walking up to me to tell me I had saved their lives. That was the beginning of me understanding my true destiny. Opening up a platform where people can feel safe and be real as we deal with real day to day issues in life.

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To be alive and present to your circumstance unedited and unfiltered is one of the most relatable ways to connect with others.

After being on mainstream media on both radio and TV Kalekye wanted to get closer to her audiences and give them a chance to know her better. In this online show, Kalekye conducts fun unfiltered interviews with people who interest her for something they are doing or have failed to do with the aim of celebrating and challenging others while inspiring and influencing lives.

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Life Coach

As a confidence Life Coach, I am here to help restore self-confidence in you by empowering you to choose a new mindset and remember what it feels like to believe in yourself. To believe in all you strengths and capabilities.

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Kalekye The Emcee

The skills set a talk show host carries translate to a show no matter the format. This is something Kalekye has been able to harness as one of Kenya’s best Emcee’s for corporate events. From clients like Unilever to The Architects Association of Kenya and the likes of Coca Cola Minute Maid and the Association of Kenya Insurers, Kalekye has been at the forefront of product launches, awards ceremonies and mediation sessions.

If you are looking for a diligent well-spoken authoritative voice with a fun edge to deliver your message at your event. Kalekye Mumo is the brand for you.

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Healthy Wealthy Life

I love my food, something I came to learn to love as girl growing up in an African home. The rule at my mother’s dinner table was ‘eat all your vegetables FIRST and then get a piece of meat’ – and as soon as I learnt that I was eating my way to a healthy wealthier life at home amid 3 older brothers who grabbed at every yummy thing on your plate – err go, eat fast or sleep without tasting the yummy. But I found a balance and realized that I was not going to let my food define me. 40 off 40… my most treasured journey.

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Music is a universal language that tells a story that one is either going through, has heard of or is hoping to experience.

Kalekye has always loved to sing. From a tender age of 4 she was picking all lyrics and dancing as she sang.

In 2013 after years of singing at weddings, parties and hosting karaoke as an adult, she was finally convinced to get into a studio and record what would become her breakthrough single titled My Baby. Produced by Ulopa and the video directed by J Blessing.

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