Live & Uncut

To be alive and present to your circumstance unedited and unfiltered is one of the most relatable ways to connect with others.

After being on mainstream media on both radio and TV, Kalekye wanted to get closer to her audiences and give them a chance to know her better. In this online show, Kalekye conducts fun unfiltered interviews with people who interest her for something they are doing or have failed to do with the aim of celebrating and challenging others while inspiring and influencing lives.

With this show that is also available on YouTube and will also be coming to podcast Kalekye seeks to be the biggest voice of inspiration through interviews and stories told in an uncut and relatable day to day format across Africa and to the world.

The gift of storytelling is something Kalekye wishes to share with her fans in a form of mentorship with masterclass sessions.

The KM Network is set to make her Africa’s biggest online and syndicated network that can host Kalekye’s content along with other great content creators of similar disciplines.