Live & Uncut - Men's Conference

Valentine’s Day - a special day dedicated to celebrating love has been despised by men the world over as a day women expect and never reciprocate and for Kenyan men this became the opportune time to come up with a reason to skip the day - The Men’s conference.

In this episode of Live & Uncut, Kalekye speaks to veteran comedian and TV Host Dr. Ofweneke and Radio personality Dunco about their distaste for the day of love and what they wish women knew. They also delve into what their role is as fathers or daughters and how they are teaching them what men want.

In a twist of events the two men go on to reveal that there might be some important bits to learn at the conference amid lots of defense tactics like sending fare, ghosting and why they need practical gifts too.

This show will leave you in stitches but also go to prove that there are still a few good men out there who are working on bringing up conscious daughters.

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