Live & Uncut - Misconceptions - Part Two

Sex Education, Misconceptions & Beyond!

We began talking about how we first learnt about sex and how getting your period was equal to Sex.

On this episode of ‘Live & Uncut’ Kalekye and her tribe, Jane, Wabi & Dr. Kakuti continue the conversation this time diving into the horrible lies that women are taught at bridal showers that often look more like orb sessions. They also answer a fan question regarding the kind of underwear to wear and how to observe good hygiene as a woman.

Because this series is built on the kind of communication being shared and heard & the crew had prepared a lip reading game called “The Whisper Game” for the tribe to play and boy did they struggle to get their words right.

This is just but the second part of what can only be termed as the funniest most open and candid discussion on sex education and misconceptions.

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