Live & Uncut - Pop Culture X Relationships

Music is the universal language of mankind. It’s amazing how we can all connect to a song despite the language and how each of us will have a story to tell based on a song. But that song has a culture behind it, how does it affect our personal relationships?

In this new series of Live & Uncut, Kalekye called upon gospel radio host Kerry Kagiri and Colombian turned Kenyan Tik Tok master dancer Afro beats by Kamau to help her breakdown the power of music pop culture and how it affects relationships today.

When we sing & dance to songs with lewd lyrics that suggest we are okay with the culture of sex, drugs & rape do we have anyone to blame when the same happens to us? Is there a way to tell if someone wants to date you for you or to do what the pop culture tells them is okay to do? A smelly fart came up and how virginity is no longer a treasure. Lots of great conversation making this a must watch episode in a new series of Live & Uncut shows.

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