Live & Uncut - Space Please

Sociologist claim that our personal space protects us from potential aggression, and, ultimately, it helps protect us from stress. But what happens when your personal space is taken up by your loved one?

In this episode of Live & Uncut, Kalekye continues to prepare herself for marriage sans one of her agendas is to find out how she will ever deal with having another person in her space on the daily.

She calls upon newly married celebrity Life & fitness coach Alvin Lee and Kenyan biker Joan of Throttle Adventures to give her an insight on how much space is too much space & how do you deal when you can’t get it or are forced to take space due to unforeseen circumstances.

Be it separation by eggs & beans or bunk beds between you and your partner, there is a high level of understanding required to deal with space in relationships.

In a show where Kalekye almost gave away her number just to find a man as legit as AlvinLee, this is a definite must watch episode.

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