Live & Uncut - Kalekye Mumo Dares - Archery

The art of archery, which is now an Olympic sport, was originally a hunters and gathers tool of survival and the Kamba community, which Kalekye is from, were one of the most famous bow and arrow hunters of their time but this was not the case when Kalekye met up with Kenyan Olympic qualifier Shehzana Anwar.

Small in body frame but big on sport, Shehzana walked Kalekye through her journey as a sporty person who can play almost all sports but her passion for archery was the strongest. She never lets anyone put her down for what she loves and she teaches anyone who will stand the pressure of being still and holding their concentration long enough to fire arrows at a target.

This episode is full of inspiration and laughs as Kalekyes shots flew all over the not to mention the discovery of upper back muscle that she sure did not know existed.

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