Live & Uncut - Kalekye Mumo Dares - Boda Boda

It is always thrilling to dare someone to do something that scares them. This is the kind of excitement that the crew had on this episode of Kalekye Mumo Live And Uncut.

It was her first time trusting someone to carry her on a motorcycle aka boda and boy was she scared. The crew did not spare her regardless of the many times she asked that they go easy on her and worse they got her to dare take a ride on a sports bike.

This dare fulfilled it’s purpose - our dear host Kalekye conquered one of her greatest fears - being carried on a bike.

This by far was one of the most fun, crazy and nerve wrecking episodes of “Kalekye Mumo Dares” on “Kalekye Mumo Live & Uncut”

The crew won this time but will she be back? Keep watching.

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