Live & Uncut - Kalekye Mumo Dares - Closet Raid

It’s no secret that Kalekye dresses well and loves to look nice, a trait she attributes to her mothers great sense of fashion, but what we didn’t know is how much of a hoarder she is until the closet popped open.

This week the crew decided to raid Kalekyes home and go straight into her bedroom after noticing that her fans are constantly swooning and begging for her clothes. What a delight it was when stylist Glam by Cess verified that indeed Kalekyes closet was indeed busting at the seams.

It was quite the tassel to get her to let go of items like her Ankara Kimonos some which she really loves and even the pieces that were THREE YEARS OLD, some which have gone through dozens of adjustments. Now her shoe collection was to die for but she had to work on letting them go since she hasn’t worn most in years.

This episode of Kalekye Mumo Dares on Live and Uncut was both revealing and plenty hilarious.

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