Live & Uncut - Kenyans in America Part One: Liz Kimundi

Kenyans used be excited about applying for a green card to take their shot at the land of milk and honey but with the rumors of how hard it is when the only jobs available are for care givers for old folks nursing homes or flipping burgers, many have had second thoughts.

But to find a woman who has scaled to the top of her game by becoming a highflying Kenyan lawyer, Kalekye’s high school best friend Liz Kimundi was a must interview.

In this episode she clarified on why Kenyans acquire what we call a “fake accent”, the struggles of being a black African woman in a law firm and how tiring it is trying to date when men view her by her job not by her femininity, something Kalekye highly resonated with in her own life as a media personality.

To get by with the long sitting office hours, Liz also shares that her biggest passion is doing a very white sport - triathlons.

This show shot in the heart of Brooklyn is must watch being the first part of a view at Kenyans who are making it in America.

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