Live & Uncut - Kenyans in America Part Two: Ken Agwa and Delphine

When you get an opportunity to meet awesome human beings and the opportunity comes with a chance to learn something new - take it!

That is exactly what happened when Kalekye went to visit Bowie, Maryland on her very last leg of her US trip. An unexpected walk through a mall led to meeting Ken Agwa, a Kenyan who has been in the US for 41-years and has made a business in photo imaging that has thrived beyond boarders.

His was a story of resilience and focusing on the good and not the hardships of being a foreigner trying to do legit business. The best part being his ability to bring all the technology and skills he learnt back to his home town - Kisumu.

And just as if that was not enough, Bowie, Maryland had another Kenyan gem who has worked her way into becoming one of the most coveted hair stylists in the area. Delphine of Delphine’s Hair Parlour is such a hard working girl. She shares her story of going into colleges to be a certified cosmetologist and how she focused on her passion for hair until she was able to set up her own online hair store and a salon for weaves and wigs.

Kalekye was lucky to get styled up in one of Delphine’s signature wigs and boy didn’t she look great.

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