Live & Uncut Wardrobe Giveaway

“Mama I made it” that’s exactly how Kalekye’s fans felt when they finally got an opportunity to meet and greet her but more so have a pick at her wardrobe.

After a tough battle on getting a world of shoes, clothes and jewelry out of Kalekye’s closet the crew finally got her to answer her fans call and lay out a competition to find her most treasured pieces good homes where they would be loved and treasured.

What Kalekye didn’t expect was meeting ladies who really look up to her on matters confidence and dressing inspiration. There were those who just wanted to meet her even though they weren’t plus size and those who really needed the pick me up with some free retail therapy and even one whose husband just wanted a piece of Kalekye in their home. Yes a man came to the ladies clothes fare and lived to tell the story.

For sure this is one of those heart warming episodes as it left Kalekye with a feeling she has never experienced before - the power of giving.

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