Live & Uncut with Dinah Githinji

Society has always made us think there is a timeline for everything - when you should get married have babies or even focus on building a career. But Gods timing will never be our timing and His timing is perfect.

When Kalekye sat down with Dinah Githinji aka Lady Di, she didn’t know what to expect of a woman who has featured on award winning movies and some of the best advertisements Kenya has seen. Her story began in the beauty pageant world at the age of 49 as a married mother of 2 adult children.

Dinah’s story is one of the most inspirational ones on this show yet as she allows us to see that there is nothing wrong with being bubbly, full of life and taking up new things at a later stage of life.

Her openness to a game of charades and the way she embraces her symbolic gifts was pure joy making this a must watch episode of Live & Uncut.

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