Live & Uncut with Pst. Phil Evans

How you look and how your heart is and who you truly are can be very different. Where you came from and your experiences however, those remain real.

This week on Live & Uncut, Kalekye sat down with a man who many would judge as not worthy to be holy because of his physical appearance save for a story of restoration and hope.

Abandoned by his father before birth and brought up amid violence and anger living between 27 different homes by the age of 17, Pastor Phil Evans shares how he overcame all odds to be what God called him to be.

This episode encouraged single mothers to keep being strong for their little ones, fathers to live as reflections of our Heavenly Father and young men to be hopeful of the lives ahead of them despite previous mistakes.

We also proved that for real “White men can’t dance” and that Kalekye can’t stand hot sauce.

Truly this was an all round episode full of inspirational, fun and crazy.

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