Live & Uncut with Rehab Wambui - Polio End Game

Very often we take for granted what our able bodies can do because heck they can do what they were built to do. But what if one day a part of body just decided to stop all functions?

That is the story that polio brings with it. The discovery of how many misconceptions and uninformed opinions we have of how one gets polio was quite earth shattering.

In a show supporting the Rotary Kenya POLIO END GAME campaign, Kalekye speaks to Rehab Wambui who was a strong baby girl who began walking at seven months only for her steps to be taken away from her when she was only one and a half years old.

In what can only be termed as a moving story, Rehab gives us courage as she shares the woes of being different, the blessings of strangers and the fear of being taken advantage of especially by those you call loved ones.


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