Live & Uncut with Ronoh

When a craft is born out of frustration it’s bound to be a success because of the passion behind it and that is how Ronoh aka Deborah Chebet as we learnt began her journey into comedy.

We expected all levels of madness on this week’s episode of Kalekye Mumo Live & Uncut but Ronoh's calmness showed us her natural human self who has had struggles dealing with her super fast rise to fame, embracing the responsibilities with being a money maker in the home and her many fans who at some point made her feel self important.

Ronoh also shares how her confidence was built from lots of self awareness and pep talks to get herself to deal with the body’s hammers that lurk on her pages. That confidence was a little shaken when we surprised us with our fake reggae star “Tarrius Riley” & she got all shaky forgetting her obsession with Kenyan singer/ rapper Nyashinki. But she got Kalekye back with a few of her own testy question regarding her love life.

Clearly this was an episode full of surprises and the biggest being how cool, calm and collected Ronoh can be. It’s a definite must watch.

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