Live & Uncut with Tina Okuku

It was Bob Marley who said “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” And our guest on this week’s episode of Kalekye Mumo Live And Uncut was the personification or strength.

The show was all sorts of resilience & power coupled with emotions as we hosted Tina Okuku, a fan who was diagnosed with cancer after ignoring all the signs for a year. Her journey through bad doctors to overcome her battle against all odds on her last stages of her treatment was completely overwhelming.

Tina asked Kalekye for a wig as a donation to a woman who has lost her hair but we went all out and gave her a total make over just to uplift her spirits and make her feel great about herself again.

This episode was a special one dedicated to all the strong and resilient people who have stood strong through tough life changing trying times and still keep fighting.

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