My Story

I have been in the media world for over 15 years and in that time gained a wealth of experience in sharing entertaining and intriguing stories. My level of connecting and making people feel safe amazed me over the years as I discovered that I had an impact that changed the way people think and act through messages from fans, some literally walking up to me to tell me I had saved their lives. That was the beginning of me understanding my true destiny. Opening up a platform where people can feel safe and be real as we deal with real day to day issues in life.

Being a vibrant and confident person from my journey onto media and through my life as a plus size woman up to walking my weight loss journey I discovered that there is power in knowing & loving who you are and boldly stepping into your life. I have been able to deliver that version be it in behind the mic in a studio, hosting or on a stage as an Emcee.

What you see is what you get! - I love me and that is something I seek to teach and share with all those I interact with.’


My love for music and personal expression has seen me dabble in music creating some of the most expressive songs that describe different seasons I have been through.

My most notable media achievement was my 10-year run on Kenya’s Biggest English speaking FM radio station – Kiss FM working on two award winning shows, The Rush Hour and The Morning Kiss. 

As a TV host I began by hosting one of the most memorable family oriented reality shows, The Couples Show, for two years and later horned my skill as Kenya’s darling TV host with most in-depth interviews on K24Tv’s Talk Central.

At the age of 40, my gift to myself was to begin my own journey as a consultant training people in communication skills & public speaking techniques as well as beginning a journey in Event Concepts and planning, following the production and planning of my very own 40th Birthday Party which went on to become the BIGGEST all white party Kenya has ever seen.

The opportunity to host one of Kenya’s BIGGEST weekly primetime talk shows, Talk Central on K24TV, came calling soon after. I took the opportunity to sharpen my skills in front of a screen and grew to be one of the best host with the most memorable in-depth host interviews ever witnessed.

The one thing I am happy to be, is myself… I love to share myself with the world just as I am. And that authenticity backed by confidence is what many people need in their lives. I am a certified Confidence Life Coaching. My role is to help others discover who they are as I lead them to become authentic powerful bold confident people who are effective communicators.

‘My plan – to influence and change lives one story at a time!’